Linlin and Chang at TAGC24

March 2024

Chang's presentation at TAGC24

March 2024

Tyler's presentation at the departmental retreat,        January 2024

Biological Sciences Reteat,

January 2024

Stan, Lan-Ying, Qing and Zhao-Qing at Department Holiday Party, December 2023

Tyler and Daniel at SLB, October 2023

Deng lab at SLB, October 2023

Qing at Women in Science Program, September 2023

Christine presented at LSAMP with Tyler, her mentor and a judge! July 2023

Our Undergrads, May 2023

Appreciation from Keni, February 2023

Tianqi Presentation at Cell Migration GRC, January 2023

Over 100 requests of a single plasmid, January 2023

Neutrophil Symposium, December 2022

Neutrophil Symposium, December 2022

Miza Presentation at Departmental Retreat, November 2022

Excellent in Leukocyte Biology Competion, October 2022

Axe Throwing at Phagocytes GRC, July 2022

Miza Wedding, May 2022

Best Poster Award, Midwest Zebrafish Meeting, May 2022

Yueyang Graduation celebration, May 2022

Annual Appreciation lunch with Biology Maintenance Crew, December 2021

Graduation during COVID, April 2021

Paloma presenting her summer project, 2019

FLAME hiking, Turkey Run State Park, 2019

Qing at the GRC Phagocytes in Waterville Valley, NH, 2019

2018 Group Picture in Lilly Hall of Life Sciences, Purdue University

Alan attending the 6th Annual Dengue symposium, Tainan, Taiwan with Dr. Chun-Hong Chen and Dr. Oscar Perng, 2018

Zhang and Deng labs at IZC, June 2018

Wenqing's oral presentation at the 13th International Zebrafish Conference in Madison, WI, 2018

Qing and Dr. Martin Schwartz at Signaling by Adhesion Receptors Gorden Conference in Biddeford, ME, June 2018

Gathering with Suter and Leung Labs, Christmas 2017

Alan at 2017 Keystone Conference in Estes Park, CO with Dr. Syusaku Mizukami

Alan Departmental Presentation, 2017

Qing at the Second Noncoding RNA Conference in Greece, 2017

Lab Lunch, March 13, 2017

Wenqing and Qing at Directed Cell Migration Gorden Conference in Galveston, TX, 2017

Qing at ZDM9 in Singapore with Drs. Graham Lieschke, Serge Mostowy, and David Tobin, 2016

Gathering with Leung and Zhang Labs, Christmas 2015

Wenqing at the 8th Zebrafish Disease and Mechanism Meeting in Boston, 2015

2015 Group Picture in Purdue Life Science Zebrafish Facility